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WordPress Mobile Apps: Harness Your Blogs On The Go

Are you one of the bloggers who want to write blog and post on the go? I know it is terrible for you to sit in front of a computer all day and running a successful blog requires a lot of time and hard work. But don’t worry now as WordPress mobile apps have solutions for you.

WordPress makes your blog great and WordPress Mobile Apps will even power your blogs by providing mobility to you.

You can use WordPress Mobile Apps and some other apps also for writing blogs and post on the go. It gives you wings by post your blog in many ways.

In this blog, I will share the best WordPress Mobile Apps and similar kind of apps to manage your WordPress site using your mobile phone.

WordPress Mobile Apps For iOS And Android

You can write posts, upload images, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from any iOS enabled devices. WordPress mobile apps for iOS power your blog while you are on the go.

It is very easy and supports iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod for both self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.com.

You can write new blog posts for your WordPress blog, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications even with your Android device. Some features of the WordPress mobile apps require you to create a WordPress.com account.

You can publish a blog post from anywhere in the world whether you are on holiday or traveling. It powers you to explore the world with a mobile device.

WordPress mobile apps let you view your visitor’s count and can be able to track your best blog post of the day. Even it has analytics features which help you demographic stats around the world.

You can join the conversation anywhere, anytime at your favorite sites and can follow popular photography tags, check new blog posts, and leaves likes and comments, all on your mobile device.

It lets you manage your site’s activity, even when you are enjoying outside. While roaming around, you can always check your notifications to keep conversations flowing and connect with your followers. 

From notifications to sharing tools, you’ve got the entire WordPress features in your pocket, if you’re a self-hosted blogger with a Jetpack-powered site.

iA Writer

It is very difficult to write on mobile devices as the screen size is too small, makes it uncomfortable to slide up and down. iA Writer helps you to write your favorite blog post on mobile devices very easily.

You can work on your blog post on your Android or iOS mobile device with its clean clutter free and intuitive UI. Even its power up by connecting the app to your WordPress site and publish or save drafts directly.

You can include images, tables, and texts as blocks of content in plain-text documents. It lets you write your ideas by keeping your hands on the keyboard.

Even iA Writer’s Syntax Control improves by helping you to gain insight into your text’s grammatical structure. What more you want, it has a whole lot of features to make your blog writing very easier.

I hope you find this post valuable and you can start to manage your WordPress blog on the go. You can comment below, if you know, others WordPress mobile apps.

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Published on: Oct 24, 2017

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