Why it’s crucial to regularly post content on your website?

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Posting fresh content regularly on your website is of paramount importance not just to keep the clients and prospects informed but for SEO too. Why? Google takes notice of everything whether you update your website or not. When you post content in the form of a fresh photo or a new blog post, Google recognizes your effort and marks your site alive and kicking. On the contrary, if regular postings do not happen, Google thinks your site is dead and does not show it to others.


So, you now know why it’s imperative to stay on top of fresh content however if you are too involved in managing other aspects of your business and barely have any time to invest in content, we can help you with that. But let’s first understand in detail why content is so important.


Why is Fresh Content So Important Anyway?


Everybody agrees unanimously that “Content is King” but why so? There could be a slew of reasons why adding a podcast, posting a new blog, or just updating your “About” page is beneficial to your business. Here are just a few:


Visitors Value New Content


When a visitor lands on your website, you have a zillion reasons to be happy but the most important thing is that they are searching for something interesting and if you got them that you have a regular visitor on your list. They might be searching for a recently added blog, a fun new product, or a great how-to video and they will only get that when you have the habit of regular content posting on your website. 

You can keep the interest of customers alive and keep them coming back by frequently posting new content. It does not necessarily need to have huge production every time – you need not publish a 5,000-word article every day but you have to be consistent.

Web visitors feel valued and delighted when they see you active and engaged – they appreciate your efforts to keep them informed.


Fresh Content Betters Site Ranking and Increases Indexing


Do you ever wonder how Google gets to know about new content you post every time and what they do about that? All major search engines use bots or crawlers to identify and index new content on websites that can be included in search results. Needless to say, then, the more often you update content, the more search engines will take note of that, consequently, your chances to rank higher simply step up.


In addition, the more content you update, the more you are bristling your website with SE0-raising keywords. Every additional blog you post is an opportunity to use words and phrases people are searching for.


But just publishing content for the sake of publishing will be detrimental to your website. Make sure that you only publish high-quality, useful information otherwise if you constantly publish substandard content, you will fall in search engine rankings.

Mulling over all these points, it can be concluded that it’s of import that you keep posting high-quality content to earn Google’s respect and rank higher in search results.