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5 Most Effective Website Analysis SEO Tools to Try [2020]

Are you aware of website analysis SEO tools?

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the way people conducted their businesses. Thanks to the internet, now anyone can get whatever they want with just one click of their finger.

In fact, the world has truly converted into a global village. The new age has brought with it new ways of marketing, too.

Digital marketing is the new means with the help of which you can reach your target audience. One of its integral parts happens to be your website analysis SEO tools that help you to reach your goals very easily.

SEO is important for the bloggers, online marketers as well as the small business owners. In the case of Search Engine Optimisation, you will find a plethora of tools online from which you can take help.

However, selecting the most functional and effective one from among them is where the real challenge lies.

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5 Most Effective Website Analysis SEO Tools to Try in 2019

That is why here an attempt is made to bring to you the most efficient SEO tools used by the most reputed SEO Services in India that you should try for competitor research, keyword research, link building and rank tracking.


Out of the millions of website analysis SEO tools out there, thousands of people all over the world use it. Online marketers, SEO analyst, and small business owners prefer to use Ahrefs for improving their search rankings.

You can use it for research and analysis of your site and it happens to be a free tool as well. Among all the backlink analysis tools their site explorer is one of the best.

What’s more, they also come with a content explorer that searches for the most popular content on the basis of keyword or topic.

Ahrefs has one tool known as the Keyword Explorer 2.0. This gives you a keyword’s search volume (which can be based on a country or global), position history, SERP overview and the difficulty level.

Netpeak Spider

One of the flexible and in-depth web-crawlers of recent times, this one offers lots of features and smooth experience.

It automatically detects more than 60 SEO errors. It includes canonical errors, HTTP status errors, meta tags issues, Robots.txt issues and much more. Furthermore, it also automatically checks 50 plus parameters.

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Netpeak Spider consists of 5 crawling modes (URL list, site-wide, XML Sitemap, directory and even from the SERP of Google.

Every one of them allows to perform certain tasks of SEO like you can detect in 17 parameters 21 SEO sitemap issues by crawling an XML sitemap and send the files of the corrected sitemaps to the search engines.

It can even calculate the page rank of your internal site so that you can understand if important pages of the site are not getting enough power.

Long Tail Pro

This is one of the most proficient keyword research tools that has recently undergone a change of ownership. This is important as the new ownership is hungry for success and after seeing potential in this tool they are willing to make it even better.

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Right from their ownership change, LTP has converted from a downloaded application to a cloud-based one which means that now you can use it in your browser.

Prior to going cloud LTP was already one of the most popular keyword search tools in the field of SEO. This will make it ten times faster and easier.


You can use Seobility for SEO site audit and is used both in case of Free and Paid versions. Seobility focuses on showing the status of your overall SEO optimization.

There are primarily 4 major features:

  • Keyword Check – It lets you show how well your page is optimized for the target keywords.
  • SEO Check – This will check your website and give you the tips for the better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Ranking Check – You can use it to check the rankings of the page for any keyword.
  • SEO Compare – This compares 2 pages for a keyword term.

They offer a free plan but with that, you can only go for one domain. The premium plans start at $40 with a free trial for 30 days.


You can easily improve your site ranking by using SEMrush competitors and keyword research tools. It is available for free too.

Over the past couple of years, SEMrush really made a name for itself. Competitor research is taken to a whole new level by this SEO tool.

The best part of the SEMrush website analysis tools is that there are more than 20 different ways of researching your competition.

With the help of SEMrush, you can find their best keywords, best backlinks, their best content and much more. It is even great for PPC and paid traffic.

The above are some of the most effective website analysis SEO tools recommended by the most proficient SEO company in India.

They gathered a huge base of satisfied clients from all over the world. Furthermore, their accurate and innovative SEO techniques that are bound to bring results in the shortest period of time.

So, you can try these 5 awesome website analysis SEO tools for better ranking of your blog. If you use these tools before, then share your opinion and views in the comment section.

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Published on: Jan 24, 2018


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