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5 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins For More Traffic

Do you want to add more features to your post and make it look awesome on the search engines? Then grab Rich Snippets WordPress plugins to your blog so that it ranks higher and eventually attract more visitors.

These tools allow you to make your post more attractive using images, star ratings, reviews and many more elements.

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A Rich Snippets WordPress plugins help you to get high Click Through Rates for your website page. You can embed images or videos and star ratings which pull the visitors from search and act like a call to action button.

It lets you add product information, contact details, reviews and much more. Whoever searching for your products and services on Google, he will land on your page. If your site link shows good reviews, star ratings, featured posts in a proper format, CTR will improve.

This look is crafted by rich snippets which also help you rank well in the search engines. These plugins increase the visibility of your website and let search engines to know your blog content.

You can check out my 5 best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins and bring more traffic to your blog.

All In One Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins

All In One Rich Snippets provides important and correct information to search engines to display in search results. It let your blog post to look different from your competitors and hugely impact in Click Through Rate (CTR).

This Rich Snippet helps you rank higher in search results pages. It helps you rank higher in search results and also display great information when visitors share your links on Facebook.

Furthermore, this plugin also supports Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application, Video, and Articles.

WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite is one of the Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins which is used for review of any products or services. It helps you to engage with your visitors with improved comments.

You can display your reviews in a much better and easier way. Even it lets you generate more money by adding a buy now call to action button in your post. 

This WordPress Plugin lets you customize the colors, enable/disable the affiliate button and can change icons. WP Product Review Lite allow you to create a top products review widget and easily customize the widget from theme options.

You can add a download button in the posts and add specific user review options to WordPress comments. More importantly, you can add rich snippet ( schema ) to your blog posts and attract more visitors.

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is an awesome solution for internet marketers, bloggers, developers, agencies and all other small businesses. If you want to markup your content for better SEO try this Rich Snippets plugin.

Your site will be more attractive to visitors as well as greatly accessible by search engines if your content is marked up. Your blog pages and post will be indexed and ranked more relevantly to your visitor’s search queries.

Search engines may show rich snippets -detailed information- in search results. WP-Rich snippets help your audience to identify when your site is relevant to their search, and you enjoy more click-through rate.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin allows you to generate search results by using structured microdata ( According to the website search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex relies on this markup.

It lets you improve the display of search results. Moreover, it also helps your visitors to find the right web pages while searching. This plugin automatically pre-installs seven shortcode-examples that are ready-to-use.

You can also create new shortcodes with your own microdata markup with the built-in Shortcode-Generator. It supports Reviews and Ratings, People, Products, Businesses, and organizations Recipes, Events, and Music.

Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets

Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets Plugin automatically structures your website content with It helps you to rank up in Google search because of its easy configuration of SEO friendly snippets.

You can customize for each Post, Page, Custom Post and Product. Even it allows you to add social shares to your website authors to follow your visitors.

Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets Plugin supports all snippets as recommended by Google like Events, Music, and Organisations. It also supports People, Products, Recipes, Reviews, Software applications, Videos and more.

By using this rich snippets plugin you can easily rank your blog content in Google and turn more visitors into customers. It helps you to reduces overall bounce rate and encourages visitors to register before commenting on posts

There are many Rich Snippets WordPress plugins available and you must select which is more compatible with your website.

If you have a product review site, then go for WP Product Review Lite and for other types of posts you can go for All In One Rich Snippets.

I hope you got the basic info on Rich Snippets plugins for WordPress sites. You can express your views in the comments below. Don’t forget to share and like this post.

Published on: Aug 10, 2018

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