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Wish To Quit Job For Your Startup Journey? Read this Tips

Are you feeling like quitting your job and really wants to begin your startup journey? Are you frustrated with going office without any motive and passion and really killing you from inside?

Urge to do something as soon as possible and move on whether for emotional or financial satisfaction. You can’t create wealth unless you are happy in your work. Isn’t?

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It is really painful to leave your job but believe me it is more painful to stay in an unsatisfied job. You are passionate about starting up a business and leaving your regular 9-5 job.

Your desires and aspirations in life, to travel around the world will not be so easy to achieve from being in a regular job.

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You get into a job which you feel would be suitable for you and after a few years, you realize that you have made a big mistake.

Working hard days and night to accomplish car, house, children’s education and much more but still you are not happy. Unsatisfied jobs will really impact your earnings and so your financial goals.

Move to some other sector which pleases you or tries to take off your startup journey, if you are not happy with your current job.

Give a thought for the purpose of your life and don’t just attached to your current job. Come out from your comfort zone and start doing which might interest you.

Wish To Quit Job For Your Startup Journey

Based on my experience and observation even whatever I had learned from others, here are some of the sharing for you.

If you are considering to leave a job and start on your own then these tips might help you to achieve what you are looking for.

Quit Your Job – Now or Never!

If you are really unsatisfied with your current job, just quit and move on. It will actually make you feel better. If your heart tells you not to quit and go along with your venture, then you and your heart will be wrong.

You will drown if you step on two boats as you need to focus on your startup journey. Time and dedication will help you to achieve your desires. So quit your boring job and start working straight away with full swing.

Swami Vivekananda said “Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached”, which means you need to focus on your goal and keep working on it.

Doing a job and business simultaneously will make your life miserable. If you really want to do something on your own then focus, time, and dedication are really important.

Don’t Just Dream – Plan Your Ideas And Execute It

Once you quit your job, you are free from every distraction. Stay alone and give some solid time just to yourself.

Now working on your ideas and plan accordingly so that you get optimum results at the end. Break your bigger ideas into smaller goals and try to achieve it.

If you failed somewhere, don’t dishearten, keep trying and follow your short terms goals step by step. 

Don’t just dream of starting up your business, instead of working on your dream and try to execute work assignments.


Cut Out Unnecessary Expenses

Avoid doing unnecessary expenses or buying luxuries items and pay for your basic expenses. Remember one penny saved will be one penny earned.

If you can save money on medical, insurance, marriage or any other assets, then why not saving for your startup.

So start saving from today for your dream project because it will be the fuel for your startup. Although it will really tough for you to avoid unnecessary expenses surely it will help you. As your resources are limited, so you need to excel the skill of doing more with less.

Adaptability leads to sustainability

You must always ready to adapt to new technologies which help your startup to sustain for a longer period.

Try to bring constant innovation to your product or services as much as you can. The more innovative products you have, the more it will sustain.

Imagine if you start selling a typewriter machine instead of a computer at this age. Do you think you will succeed in your startup? So keep changing and adapt to the time which leads you to succeed in your startup.

Use Note taking Apps and tools like Evernote to boost your productivity.

Are you very much on the same path?

How did you find this post? Do you think it adds value to you?

Are you in that situation where you want to leave the job and start your startup journey?

Share your experience or views with us in the comments section below.

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Published on: July 22, 2017

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