5 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools To Prevent Content Theft

5 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools To Prevent Content Theft

Somebody copy your site content without your concern and republish it on their site. Sounds frustrating! right?

So, to prevent your content from such kind of thefts, you can keep a hawk eye using Plagiarism checker tools.

After burning candles for many nights, you have come out with an awesome content. But you found someone steals your content and posting it on his sites.

Even, it shocked you when you see a better ranking of your copied content in SERPs. 


Plagiarism checker tools not only search for your copied contents but it also checks the uniqueness of articles provided by your in-house and remote team.

So, before publishing third-party contents on your site always verify the uniqueness of the contents.

Plagiarism is nothing but copying contents from other sites and republish them after some editing without any attribution.

Many people ask me at what percentage of plagiarism is acceptable and my reply used to be a big zero. If you intend to be on the web for a long-term, then do not copy from other sites.

Check out the 5 best Plagiarism Checker Tools to prevent content theft

Although there are many tools available, I have just listed down 5 of my best plagiarism checker tools 2017.

These tools help you to find your duplicate contents and helped many bloggers including myself.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the top plagiarism checker tools which also proofread your contents. It compares your content to over 8 billion web pages and also searches grammatical mistakes.

Furthermore, it detects and highlights text and sections that may have copied contents from somewhere else.

You can easily integrate Grammarly with MS Office, Outlook and it also has Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extension.

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Grammarly comes with both free and premium versions but free account has limited features. Subscribe Grammarly premium services and get the most benefits out of it.

Premium version lets you check for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure. It suggests you awesome vocabulary which will improve your content further.

Besides, these you can check plagiarism tests using its premium services.

2. Copyscape

Copyscape is another but powerful plagiarism checker tools. It lets you search duplicate content all over the web with a single click.

To test plagiarism all you need is to put the post URL and it will display all the links which have duplicate contents. Moreover, it also offers a free plagiarism comparison tool to compare contents between two sites.

With premium version, you can copy and paste your offline content and easily search for duplicate contents online. Furthermore, it lets you check up to 10,000 web pages in a single click.

Copyscape also sends you alerts whenever it founds any duplicate contents using Copysentry Premium features.

3. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke lets you check for grammatical errors and corrects them very easily. It highlights the errors like misspell, repeated words and other which help you to optimize your content as per SEO standards.

Furthermore, It also provides you with plagiarism checker tools so that you can create unique content. It detects duplicate stuff in your contents, articles, and websites by scanning billions of pages online.

WhiteSmoke detects duplicate stuff in your contents, articles, and websites by scanning billions of pages online.

You can use in a web browser, MS Office, and Outlook too and even it has a desktop and mobile app version.

4. SmallSeoTools.com

You can check offline contents by simply copy and paste in SmallSeotools.com. Once you entered the contents for scanning, it triggers red and green flags. If it has red flags then your contents may have duplicate items.

After completing the test, you’ll also have the exact percentage of unique contents in your article. So, don’t use duplicated content as it negatively affects you by lowering page rank.

Even Google penalized your site and may blacklist it further. So, if you really want your site to perform better, then never use duplicate contents.

If you are running your blog on WordPress, then SmallSEOTools.com also have WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin. It is absolutely free to use.


5. DupliChecker.com

If you have a website, then it is really crucial and very important to have content free from plagiarism. DupliChecker.com lets you check the uniqueness of your content and also increase your credibility as a blogger or site owner.

It is free to use and you can do so by pasting your content into the search box. Although, you can use a maximum of 1000 words per search. Furthermore, you can also upload your docs or text file for scanning.

Your scanning results will display within a few seconds. In case it finds any duplicate contents, DupliChecker.com shows the source with links.

It is really painful if you find your content copied by others. So, What you do if someone is copying your articles? Share your thought with us in the comments section below. 

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Published on: Sep 15, 2017

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