Our Story

Being a serial entrepreneur and after having garnered years of experience in SEO, I felt the need to bring online marketers, writers, and web designers on one platform where we could together bring radical changes and provide our clients with one-stop solutions to beef up their online presence.

Keeping that in mind, Mr. Ratan started Proteuz Technologies in 2009, and since then he never turned back. We helped both small companies and big incorporations to harness the full power of the internet and connect with their audience like never before.

We always counted on bridging the gap that existed in terms of quality with cutting-edge technology which is why we keep phasing out old technologies with new one and make sure our clients must reap the benefits of that. So training and working go hand-in-hand in Proteuz.

Creativity is something that cannot be taught so we have hired cherry-picked professionals, especially our team of writers who will baffle you with their creative acumen.

Excellent Design

We craft nothing less than a masterpiece for our clients. If you are looking for a captivating website that is easy to navigate, you need our distinguished services

Fast Response

It is imperative to pare down the delivery time, and to meet that end; we put to use state-of-the-art technology and the best professionals in the industry to deliver the project on time

Time Saving

We have got the hang of time management by keeping close tabs on operations and the workforce involved. We endeavor to cut down redundancy wherever possible so you always get your tasks delivered on time

Perfect Solutions

Our clients always stand out amongst their competitors, for we size up every aspect before we start a project, so our deliverables are close to perfection

Professional Team

A firm having professional teams breeze through all the difficulties and make a mark in the industry, so we have hired cherry-picked professionals who can be counted on in any situation

24/7 Support

We are just a phone call away for whatever help you need, whenever you need it. We believe that time should not be a barrier to slackening the pace of work

Here Are Some Of Our Great Skills

Below is the gamut of skills we have to polish off your tasks with great agility and panache

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Writing
Web Design

Best Solutions For Your Business

Often, our clients are astounded to notice the solutions we extend, and that’s not because we alone house the best professionals, neither we claim to be the market leader. Then what is the recipe for our success? Well, that’s not a secret but rarely practiced. We do not see but observe, we do not hear but listen, and we do not say but live out-of-the-box thinking. Reflection of our values and practices is seen in our deliverables, and they are deemed to be perfect by our clients

Meet our team.

The Best People To Support Your Project
Ratan Kumar

Ratan Kumar

Founder & SEO Specialist

Ratan set about his career as an online marketing specialist responsible for developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns to promote a company and its products and/or services. He aided many companies to enhance their brand awareness within the digital space driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers. But that’s not all, his greatest strength lies in helping people tap into the best version of themselves.  He says a strong company rests on the soldiers of its employees so it’s important to create an ambiance where an employee could freely exchange their opinions and feelings with the top management.

Ravi Chandra Sharma

Ravi Chandra Sharma

Content Head

Ravi spearheads the task of content development in Proteuz and under his stewardship, we have delivered thousands of successful projects to our Indian as well as global clients. He truly believes in perfecting even just about perfect things so he and his team mostly have to go the extra mile but our clients receive nothing but the best.  Having worked with elite companies and understanding the finer nuances of content writing, he has gotten the hang of writing content that could immediately establish a fruitful connection between you and your audience. He adopts a very coherent approach to content development so the readers enjoy as well as seek the information they are looking for very easily.

Dipti Bhowmick

Dipti Bhowmick

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager for Proteuz, ( …….) knows what it means to deliver in a pinch. Because whatever working at an agency might be, it certainly isn’t calm. Each day delivers a fresh batch of challenges—some tiny and tedious, some big and future-shaping. And ( …..) attacks them with a steady hand and steel-trap mind. Specifically, she supports our executive team—offering her expertise in sales, marketing, accounting, strengthening company culture, and recruiting. She ensures that the ship is sailing steadily and that every member of the Proteuz crew is well supported. Her non-work life is filled with art, exercise, nonstop reading, travel, and volunteering. She’s as fascinating as she is helpful.

Alka Sharma

Alka Sharma

Project Coordinator

Alka is driven by collaboration. She’s a social justice-seeking mighty citizen, who unites the community through her work, and boy, oh boy, is it obvious. Project management and Alka’s natural ability to lead fit together like two peas in a pod; she thrives in a space where she can make a difference and drive collaboration amongst the team. Alka is an avid reader, and she loves all book genres and averages over 100+ books a year (all thanks to her library card). Mili, her adorable cat, loves her mom’s reading hobby since it means lots of snuggles and great stories.

Simitsh Kumar

Simitsh Kumar

Senior Information Architect

He seeks understanding—illustrated by her countless user research projects both in grad school and as a freelance UX designer. Her knack for direct, thoughtful design—unburdened by bias or assumptions—makes him an ideal member of the Proteuz team. And finally, Simitesh seeks solutions. His approach to information architecture and design is brimming with common sense and attention to detail. Nothing escapes Simitesh’s attention. Outside of work, Simitesh is a voracious learner and autodidact—teaching himself both human and computer languages and cartooning. And if a dish has jalapenos, Simitesh’s going to seek it out, too.