Google Ranking: 3 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Site Visitors

Google Ranking: 3 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Site Visitors

Are you aware of the fact that Google first page receives maximum web traffic? Higher ranking will leads you to get more visitors and eventually more income. If your post is not on the first page then you need to improve Google ranking.

You need to work out on various issues so that Google can easily discover, index and finally rank your site. When you create great contents for better user experience, you’ll enjoy better Google ranking.

3 Awesome Ways To Improve Google Ranking On Your Site

So, to get indexed and discovered by Google, all you need to do is to follow the guidelines that will help you to enhance Google ranking.

Let Google Discover Your Site 

To help Google discover your site, make sure your site’s pages and post are free from broken links. All pages and post must be inter-linked either through text or images. Don’t forget to add alt attribute tag in the images to the referring link. 

Submit a sitemap file so that search engines like Google can easily crawl your site pages. You can submit a sitemap by using Google Search Consoles.

It helps Google to learn more about your site and its structure and also helps them to index your site properly. Furthermore, you can also submit your site content or site URL for inclusion in Google’s index.

You can also crawl your site by using the robots.txt file on your web server. Your site will be indexed normally if robots.txt file, robots meta tags or X-Robots-Tag HTTP headers is missing.

Googlebot generally crawls your site by retrieving the robots.txt file. In addition, you can use robots.txt testing tool for any error in the syntax.

Furthermore, you can check whether your web server supports “If-Modified-Since” HTTP header. It lets you directly informed Google to crawl your site whenever you have new or update old contents.

Make Sure Google Know Your Site

You need to fix things to rank better and let Google know your site. To do so you must create valuable content for the end user that describe it properly.

Moreover, you can use focus keywords and ensure those words within your contents. Use “robots.txt” file or rel=”no follow” so that your site advertisement links don’t get crawled as these links may affect Google ranking.

Add descriptive and error-free title tag and alt attributes in all your site contents. Allow all site assets like CSS and JavaScript files that might affect page rendering to be crawled.

You can use the blocked resources report in Google Search Consoles and the Fetch as Google and robots.txt testing tools to see which page assets cannot crawl by Googlebot.

Use optimized images and videos for your content and never copied from others on the web. Create your own original piece so that it won’t affect your site Google ranking.

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Let Visitors View Your Pages

Optimize your page so that it loads faster to get more web traffic and improve Google ranking. Furthermore, it also enhances the quality of the sites. You can use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to test the performance of your site.

However, to increase load times you can also integrate your site with any CDN providers like CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and others.

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Focus on your site design and make sure it responds to all device types and sizes. Your site must be compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, you can use mobile-friendly testing tools to test your contents that lets you know what needs to be fixed.

You can also help visitors to view and use your services by securing your site’s connection with HTTPS. You can try shared SSL/HTTPS by Let’s Encrypt or by using premium SSL from Hostgator, Bluehost and more.

I hope this post will help you to improve Google ranking of your site by following guidelines. However, there may be many other ways in which you can enhance and let Google find and index your site. You can share your view in the comments section. 

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Published on: Oct 9, 2017

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