2 Best & Fastest WordPress Themes That Load Under 1 Second

2 Best & Fastest WordPress Themes That Load Under 1 Second

Are you still struggling with your blog loading time with limited resources? You will find many reasons why your WordPress blog loading time is high. One such thing is the theme that you use. I found 2 of the best and fastest WordPress themes that load within a second. Blog with fastest WordPress themes lets you maintain and enhance speed by more than 2-3 seconds.

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If you are new to the blogging world, then you also need to keep your cost down. However, you will find millions of free tricks and tips online to speed up your blog. So, if you are not technically sound, then you may found yourself in the middle of an ocean. Moreover, you need to really work hard to catch up with the big fish of the digital world.

Believe me, speed is everything and also Google ranks you higher. Speed is one of the main ranking factors and so you need to work on it straight away. Your customers and readers will be unsatisfied if your site loading time is more than 2-3 seconds. Eventually, you will have lesser page views and there will be a loss in conversions as well.

So, you need to make sure your blog or site loads instantly to engage visitors that may lead you to more sales. This means fast loading site is essential to cheer Google as well as your visitors.

There are a number of factors that may impact your site loading time. You can fix it on yourself or hire a geek to boost speed and improve engagement with your visitors.

I ‘ll cover all those trips and tricks in my upcoming blog post. For the time being, you can use two of the best and fastest WordPress themes that load within 1 second.

Beans – Fastest WordPress Themes

Beans is one of the fastest WordPress themes and guess what, it is free and Open Source and coded extremely well. Its line of codes are well optimized and loads its components only when required. You feel like working with the WordPress core theme.

Google, Bing, and other search engines like fast loading sites. So, keeping this in mind, Beans is built and loads just within 1 second. Furthermore, files are minified and cached on a per page basis. Your site looks awesome on all devices as it resizes your content automatically.

Fastest WordPress themes ‘Beans’ performance lets you widen your eyes. It scores 100%(A) PageSpeed score and 94%(A) YSlow score as per GTmetrix. Its fully load time is 417 ms that is less than 1 second and only request 10 scripts or images. Moreover, it has a total page size of only 412KB.

Iconic One – Superlight & Fastest WordPress Themes

Iconic One is another superlight & fastest WordPress themes that let your blog to load really fast. Its simplistic and lightweight framework design will be loved by your visitors and search engines.

Iconic One WordPress theme scores 98%(A) PageSpeed and 92%(A) YSlow as per GTmetrix. It also loads below 1 second and takes around 487ms. requests scripts near about 13 and the total page size is only 166KB that let your site load very fast.

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Comparison PageSpeed – Beans & Iconic One


Performance Beans Iconic One
PageSpeed Grade A (100%) A (98%)
YSlow Grade A (94%) A (92%)
Fully Loaded Time 417 ms 487 ms
Total Page Size 412 KB 166 KB
Total # of Request 10 13
Avoid a character set in the meta tag A (100) A (100)
Avoid bad requests A (100) A (100)
Avoid CSS @import A (100) A (100)
Avoid landing page redirects A (100) A (100)
Combine images using CSS sprites A (100) A (100)
Defer parsing of JavaScript A (100) A (100)
Enable gzip compression A (100) A (100)
Enable Keep-Alive A (92) A (100)
Inline small CSS A (100) A (100)
Inline small JavaScript A (100) A (100)
Leverage browser caching A (100) A (100)
Minify CSS A (99) A (99)
Minify HTML A (99) A (99)
Minify JavaScript A (99) A (99)
Minimize redirects A (100) A (100)
Minimize request size A (100) A (100)
Optimize images A (100) A (100)
Optimize the order of styles and scripts A (92) A (100)
Prefer asynchronous resources A (100) A (100)
Put CSS in the document head A (100) A (100)
Remove query strings from static resources A (100) A (100)
Serve resources from a consistent URL A (100) A (100)
Serve scaled images A (100) A (98)
Specify a cache validator A (100) A (100)
Specify a character set early A (100) A (100)
Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header A (100) A (100)
Specify image dimensions A (99) A (99)

You can also verify the results in GTmetrix, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed, and other PageSpeed tools. Links to test the themes are as follows –

Beans – https://demo.getbeans.io/

Iconic One – http://demo.themonic.com/io/

To test all you need is to copy the above link and paste it in GTmetrix, or other PageSpeed tools.

I hope this post adds value to your blogging career. If you know any other WordPress themes that load below 1 second, then do comments below.

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Published on: May 19, 2018

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