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Facts About Facebook New Features That’ll Make Your Hair Stand

Social networks especially Facebook become an important part and can drive huge traffic to your blog and impact on Search Engine Optimization – SEO. There is no doubt that a well-planned social media marketing strategy will boost your blog’s marketing effort. Even, Facebook new features will add more value to your campaigns.

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Social media provides a great opportunity for every business whether it is small or large to increase sales using the power of social media. 

Facebook is one of the largest advertising networks in the world with more than one billion users like you and me. It also offers you some of the best targeting options which will help you to promote your blogs and website.

Check out Facebook New Features

In the coming days, I will also be sharing more articles on how to optimize social media sites for getting more visitors. For now, let’s have a look at some of the most beneficial aspects of Facebook new features.

Facebook New Insights – Visitors Analytics

Facebook latest Ads Manager reports will display your campaign results and help you to optimize campaigns in a much better way. It actually predicts your ad results in a much more transparent way with delivery insights and estimated daily results.

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The Delivery Insights dashboard has now new features with an updated interface. It provides you in-depth auction metrics and also lets you interpret the fluctuations in your campaign performance.

In addition to that, Facebook is giving you a better overview of future campaign results. When setting up campaign budgets, you can now see a table with predicted ad delivery and reach.

Facebook Group Posting As Your Business Page

Now you can post in groups as a brand, rather than an individual. If you have a business page and a group, you will be able to post in your group as a business page. Sounds professional!

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Groups and Pages Link Together

Facebook new features let you link Groups and Pages together. Basically, Facebook is adding a tab to pages and when someone clicks on that tab from a business page, it will redirect official group that is linked to the business page.

New Post Emojis on Facebook

New Post Emojis on Facebook will let you discover new “smiley face” at the bottom of your right hand. 

Facebook will give you the option to choose from a wide variety of emojis to add to your post to help make it more fun and more engaging. This works for personal profiles, business pages, and groups.

Facebook Stories and New in-App Camera

Another Facebook new features are that you can have now is Facebook stories and in-app camera. It allows you to not only take the photo but to also add some fun to your pictures and videos through frames, masks, and filter. Facebook now has stories that let you share multiple photos and videos together.

Fundraising – Add Donate Button

Facebook new features have another addon which makes it possible for individuals to raise money for themselves.

You can be able to raise funds for education, medical expenses, crisis relief, personal emergency, and funeral etc. Even you can also integrate add a “donate” button to their posts to raise money for a nonprofit cause.

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Published on: Oct 17, 2017

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