Duplicate Content Found: 3 Ways to Act Against Plagiarism

Duplicate Content Found: 3 Ways to Act Against Plagiarism

You have created a compelling story for your blog and found duplicate content. It is so easy for someone to copy your content and post the same thing on their websites.

As a blogger, it always takes hours of rigorous work to complete a single blog post. Furthermore, your blog may lose SEO and page rankings when someone duplicates your content.

You may be the creator of your original content but you may lose the credibility and all of your hard work will get ruined.

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People who copy your content doesn’t even know the implications of doing so. Sometimes you will find your content has been published on different sites with or without proper attribution, and never take your permission to do so.

The good news is that no matter how or why your content is used without your prior knowledge, there are measures you can take to have it removed from the offending website.

And there even are ways to prevent your content from being stolen in the first place. Today, I’m going to tell you about 5 easy tools you can use for these tasks.

To prevent content theft, you need to protect your site’s content. You can use duplicate content checker tools to discover whether your blog’s and websites contents get stolen or not.

Here are 3 ways to quickly respond whenever you found duplicate content. I am sure you will get some relief after implementing the below measures against plagiarism.

1. Contact Blog or Site Owner For Duplicate Content

If you discover any of your site duplicate content, then immediately contact the blog or site owner and request for removal of the copied stuff.

If the site doesn’t have any contact details then search using WHOIS services. Send an email and politely asking the blog owner to drop the content.

After requesting, if anybody ignores your email, then send another email to take down the content. But this time let them know that you’ll file a complaint against them.

Good bloggers and webmaster will react to your first email itself when you ask to remove your content from their site.

2. Informed Web Hosting Provider

Informed the web hosting provider, if your site duplicate content hasn’t been dropped by the webmaster. You can easily find the hosting provider of the site which has stolen your site contents.

Just let them know all details like date of publishing of your original content, URL and other related information.

Web Hosting providers are much more cooperative and they will really help you to remove duplicate content. It may also happen that they may shut the whole website if the webmaster doesn’t respond properly.

3. File DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

If you still failed by implementing methods, the best way to take down the site is to file DMCA complaint. You can do so against any site that has duplicate content from your blog or site.

Although the process is complicated and takes time, this way you can ensure action to be taken on that site.

You can file DMCA complaint using Google Webmaster Tools which is very much effective and help you to prevent duplicate content.

Google may ban the site from search engines if it finds that a site actually stealing content from your site.

How can you prevent content theft in the future?

Put Copyright Symbol

The Internet is a sea of contents and prevents content theft is not so easy. However, you can do as much as you can to protect your site content from being copied and published on another site.

So, put a copyright symbol on your site and let others know that the content is protected. DMCA offers you free protection for your site if your content has been stolen.

It will act legally on your behalf and take down the site that copied your content. You can put a DMCA badge on your site and discourages others to steal your piece.

Set up Google Search Authorship

Another way to protect your content is to set up Google Search Authorship. It will let you know Google that, you have created the content.

If anybody copies your site content, then Google will ensure your site to rank higher on the site that has stolen your content.

Disable Right Click

You can prevent content theft by disabling right click on your site. It discourages others to copy the content because it normally irritates them.

If your site is powered by WordPress, then you can install WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click WordPress plugin. This plugin will disable the right click and help you to protect your site. 

Put Watermark on Images

Watermarking on your site images also helps you to prevent it from copying. People don’t like images with the watermark as it is really tough to remove from images. 

So, have you ever face such kind of situation? How do you deal with your site duplicate content? Share your views and opinions and also share your experience on plagiarism issue in the comments section below.

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Published on: July 01, 2018

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