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Blog Marketing: 9 Reason To Promote Your Business Using Blog 

Blogs are totally different marketing tool when compared to traditional marketing channels. They are interactive and proved to be a killer marketing tool for small business models. Blog marketing is more effective and brings the flood of new customers.

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Blogs are very helpful in marketing your small business. While keeping your expense in a limited budget, blogs payout many folds to small business.

Here are the 9 reasons for marketing your small business through blogs.

Blog Marketing – Low Cost Yet More Effective

Blog marketing proved to be a low-cost marketing tool among all available solutions. All you need is to purchase a domain and hosting which is available under $70 and start promoting your small business.

Traditional marketing tools are more expensive like using print media and electronic media as compared to blog marketing.

In traditional marketing, you may have a limited inventory of ads. So, you need to go in agreement for a specific number of advertisement.

However, this is not the case in blogs. They have no limitation and 365 x 7 x 24 dedicated for your business promotion.

International & Local Customers

A blog increases your online visibility and creates new customers that are not available via traditional marketing channel. Blogs have totally removed geographical limitation in building your prospective customers.

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You can widen your customer circle and effectively marketing your small business in the international market without any additional cost. Moreover, you can target your customers from your home country as well as from across the borders.

Better Explain your Product

Can you explain your business in detail through traditional marketing channels?

Absolutely No!

As all other marketing channels are too expensive to describe your business or product in detail. This is the only way that allows you to better explain your product.

Content marketing covers each and every aspect of your business and creates powerful awareness in customers. You can create FAQ or frequently asked questions and properly arrange them. It lets you cover every possible question in your customers’ mind.

Immediate Feedback

Blogs provide you immediate feedback on your services or product. It’s blessing of the blog that just after 10 days of the launch of iPhone 4, everyone knows the problems in this product.

Turn this promptness in your favor. Build a good product and get buying recommendations from others to multiply your sales. You can create your portfolio or customer testimonial page to show your satisfied customers.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate network multiplies your sales. Just imagine if you have a network of renowned affiliates. An affiliate helps you to increase your sales by doing nothing.

All you have to pay some portion of sales to them like 20% of every sale they make.

Reply Comments And Build Good Repute    

Build your good repute by replying to every comment, especially negative one. Deal wisely with negative feedback and offer a money back or other alternates to satisfy your customers.

This is one of added advantage of marketing your business through a blog.

Drive Traffic To Your Business Web Site

Blog marketing is very useful to drive targeted traffic to your business website. It means that you’ll have a good conversion ratio. Eventually, your business will produce more customers for your small business.


Let me mention here one important tool of marketing that is Market Survey. Blogs have the ability to conduct surveys by virtue of Polls.

You can create polls with all possible options and get your customers opinion about any product or service. Polls can also be used to make further improvement in your existing product or to ask for features in your feature product.

Opportunity To Better Know Your Customer

Content marketing and SEO tools give you an opportunity to know your customer personally. You do know your customers due to their feedback and buying recommendation to others.

You have a network of loyal customers that are promoting your products due to your strong online visibility and prompt money back facility.

Are you using this awesome tools to promote your business? Content marketing lets you build a better product over time.

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Published on: Oct 13, 2018

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