How Anchor Text Boost SEO & Site Ranking

How Anchor Text Boost SEO & Site Ranking

If you want to boost your site ranking organically, then use anchor text in your contents. After Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird updates, anchor texts become one of the best techniques for SEO.

It really helps you to improve your search engine ranking. In this post, you will come to know how it will help you optimize and boost SEO.

Anchor text is a hypertext link, and when clicked it opens a desired target web page. It is normally a part of your content and placed within a sentence.


Anchor Text Sample To Boost SEO and page ranking from KrackBot Proteuz (

Suppose you have a blog on investment, then building all your links with the anchor text “investment” only will not help you.

Instead of that if you use “stock markets”, “mutual funds”“investments” will get you further up the ranks.

If you use backlinks with a text “Click here”, “See here”, “Read more”, then it will not add any value to your site.

You can use SEMRush tool, to get the insights on anchor text to your pages or your competitor pages. 

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Is it So Important?

As long as backlinks are crucial SEO ranking factor, anchor text will remain and play a significant role.

It basically tells the search engines, what actually has been linked. Google normally use it to penalize websites for spam and over-optimization of links.

How Anchor Text Boost SEO & Site Ranking?

Anchor text provides you with many SEO relevant benefits and advantages. If you are a blogger, then on-page optimization, keyword analysis, and other white hat SEO techniques become more important.

You need to link your contents by using keyword rich text. Furthermore, when you provide comments or guest posts, then also you must provide links to an anchor text.

Remember to use target keywords, while creating links to your old articles. Don’t just link your other contents with text like ” Read more” or “Related” only.

Your site’s value will increase when you will get links from other high authority domains with anchor links

Use text as links with a variation which are relevant to your site while commenting and guest blogging.

If you generating backlinks to your site with your target keyword as anchor text, then Google may penalize your site. Moreover, try to target and link your blog’s internal pages also along with your homepage.

Anchor text helps you to improve your bounce rate and eventually increases blog’s page views. Optimizing anchor text not only helps your visitors but also make a search engine to understand the content of your site. 

So, let’s us know if you are using anchor text on your site. How is the ride with it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Published on: Sep 8, 2017

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