How to add structured data to WordPress Sites and improve SEO

How To Add Structured Data To Website & Improve SEO

Do you want to make your site and its content easier to understand by search engines? You might get a better presentation in the search results when you add structured data to WordPress site or any site.

Search engines can use the structured data to understand the contents of your page better.

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It allows you to boost SEO and as a results ranking of your site increases. Structured data are also known as schema markup can be used by search engines. It helps search engines to crawl, organize, and display your content. It tells the search engines about your contents and its types.

Let’s say you have put communication details about your company for your visitors. But for Google or any other search engines, the contact details are just a data.

To let search engines know about the contact details you need to add structured data to your site.


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How to Add Structured Data to Your WordPress Site

You can easily add structured data to your WordPress site by using WordPress plugins. Although, you will have many plugins that you can use. In my view, you can use Schema App Structured Data WordPress plugin for your site.

It automatically creates markup for all your pages, posts, author and category content that already exists on your WordPress website.

All you need is to install and activate the plugin, adding your logo and name of your business. Your site’s content will be optimized fully and understood by search engines resulting in higher traffic.

And as a result, you can enjoy higher click-through rates and more. It also provides all three Google Site Structure features including Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Search box and your Site Name in Results. It helps you to increase organic traffic, higher search rank and better results.

Types of markup you can create with Schema App Structured Data WordPress plugin


You can also use other Structured data WordPress plugins like WP SEO Structured Data Schema, Markup (JSON-LD) structured in or The SEO Framework.

How to add structured data using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper

You can also add structured data using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper too. All you need is to go to the Structured Data Markup Helper page and paste your desired URL of the page you want to mark up.

Just Paste the URL into the URL box at the bottom of the page. After that, select one of the ten categories which is most relevant to your site content.

Finally clicking on “Start Tagging” button, and you’ll have two panes. The panel on the left is your content page, and the panel on the right is the schema markup tool.

To mark up the title, just highlight it by left-clicking and dragging over the text you want to highlight. A box will pop up where you’ll get all the different markup tags.

You’ll see the change reflected in the right-hand pane under “My Data Items”. Once you’re done marking up all tags simply click on “Create HTML” in the upper right-hand corner.

After that, in the second box from the left, click it to open and select the option “JSON-LD” instead of microdata. Finally, copy and paste the code that gets generated in the head section of your site page or post.


Implementing structured data is very easy. If you didn’t add it to your site then you need to do it without wasting time.

Don’t ignore it if you are serious about your blog or site as it will help you in long run. So, are you going to add structured data to your WordPress site?

If you have done it already, then please share your views and experience with us in the comments section. What WordPress plugins you have used for structured data? Do let us know.

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Published on: Sep 6, 2017

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