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9 Awesome Ways To Get Targeted Traffic For Your Blog

So, you have created a well-designed blog and also added great content but still, there are not enough visitors? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then try 9 awesome ways to get targeted traffic to your blog.

Getting a targeted traffic on your blog is very crucial to make money online. Most of the blog’s traffic comes from search engines like Google and Bing.

Furthermore, driving traffic to your blog is one of the hardest things to do as a blogger. Apart from bringing more visitors to your site, you need quality and targeted traffic to skyrocket your sales.

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Here I’m sharing 9 awesome ways to get targeted traffic to your blog and how to boost your sales.

Post To Article Submission Sites For Targeted Traffic

You can really get targeted traffic to your blog by posting to different article submission sites. First of all, you need to publish your content close to categories and tags on as many sites as possible. So, article submission sites are a great way to increase your blog’s traffic.

You will be able to include a short description about you and your blog and links that deliver visitors to your blogs. Article submission sites have millions of unique visitors and so, your post may be exposed to them.    

Some of the best article submission sites to get targeted traffic to your blog are EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, Buzzle, and SearchWarp.

Join Social Networking Sites

Social networking site is powerful enough to get targeted traffic. Furthermore, you will get great exposure to your content as these networking sites also have millions of members. Most of all it also lets you target and post in groups which have niche interest. 

Your content may go viral by active participation on social networking sites. People over there may like and share your contents and increase your blog reader base organically. You can join these social media sites and get lots of targeted traffic.

Distribute Your e-Book Online

If you have awesome content then convert it into an E-book distribute all over the Internet with your links in it. Simply put the links wherever you want and get massive targeted traffic. You can put the links to other blogs, article submission sites.

Furthermore, you can also use email marketing services to reach out to new visitors and eventually converts a sale. You can sell your e-Book at ClickBank, Payhip, Amazon Kindle Direct Publish, Blurb and much more.

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

You can submit your site and sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If possible send your link to many search engines to get targeted traffic.

Most of the people use search engines to find what they are exactly looking for. Search engines can generate insane targeted traffic and you will make a handsome return out of it.

Search engines submission will increase your website link popularity, traffic, and ranking. In addition, it also improves your blog’s traffic and adds value in the eye of search engines.

Your blog pages will be indexed when you submit your blog to all major search engines. It will help you to get high ranked in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Guest Posts To Other Blogs

Guest posts to other blogs are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get targeted traffic. Furthermore, guest posting will also benefit you while building your brand and backlink. 

Backlinks are very crucial and help you get you more visitors as well. So, backlinks would be one of the great benefits of writing guest posts.

Guest posting on famous blogs helps you to share your content with millions of visitors. You receive feedback in the form of comments and so the engagement with your blog’s reader increases.

You can submit your posts to blogs that allow guest posting. Some of them are Hubspot, Outbrain, Copyblogger, DailyBlogTips and much more.

Build An Engaging Email List

Build an engaging email list as it will quickly convert your targeted traffic into loyal customers. Furthermore, this will help you to target your visitors by building trust with your audience. You should focus on getting more & more email subscribers to your blog. 

Email lists are one of the essential parts of your blog. Your blog will grow faster if your email list is larger and more engaged with your audience. If your email list is large then sales will be more and so you will make tons of money. 

You can get a good number of free and premium plugins available online. It will make your job hell lot easier on your WordPress powered website. I’ve tried many WordPress email subscription plugins for list building to grow email subscriber List.

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Use Email Marketing Services

Use email marketing services to connect with your subscribers by sending newsletters and periodic emails. It allows you to your loyal customer and you can attract new customers with discounts and deals offered in those emails. 

Furthermore, it lets you manage email list very easily and extend your digital reach. You don’t have to know the technical’s and the best email marketing services are affordable also. Email marketing services certainly help you to generate targeted traffic to your blog.

Let’s take a look at 6 best email marketing services which can transform your blog or any online business.

Use Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools help you to win more visitors and save a lot of your time too. Most of all, these tools let you handle digital marketing campaign, from PPC and SEO to social to content and email marketing.

Furthermore, some tools are free, some are really complicated and some are expensive. 

Using these tools help you to get your desired targeted traffic. You will get many online marketing tools though. Read ut I have created 5 online marketing tools that could help you win more visitors.

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Comments on Other Blogs, Not Spam

You can easily grow your network with people in your niche by commenting on other blogs. However, don`t spam in comments, instead, try to add some quality points. It’s a great way of building your brand and easily drive traffic to your blog, and improve backlinks too. 

There are endless ways to generate good quality targeted traffic. You can let me know in the comments section, what other methods you are using to get traffic. Furthermore, if you like this post, then share it with your friends on social network sites.

Published on: June 2, 2017

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