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9 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid For Higher Conversion

Wondering why there is a relatively low conversion rate after rigorous marketing on different social media networks. I have committed a good number of social media mistakes and so you should avoid doing it. It will help you to increase reach and engage with your visitors in a better way.

I have committed many social media mistakes and learned from my mistakes too. I would love to share it with you so that you can avoid doing the same. 

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9 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid For Higher Conversion

Don’t Use All Social Media Networks

You might be thinking to use all social media networks at once so that you can reach more people. If you have many social media networks, you need to put additional time and effort to engage with your visitors on that platform. You can focus more on better content with fewer social media platforms.

It will be better to move away from social media platforms which are not working out as per your needs. Considering fewer numbers of performing social platforms may help you to increase the conversion rate. 

Selfishly Sharing Only Your Content

Do you really want to send traffic to someone else’s website than your own? Maybe not. You keep sharing your own content selfishly and not others. You were promoting only your contents to your audience and so your fan base wasn’t growing.

As you marketing to mostly the same people, again and again, you could potentially be annoyed by too much content. Believe me, your page’s reach and engagement with your visitors will grow when you share others content. 

Posting quality content from others increased your brand awareness and following on Facebook as sharing is caring. So avoid these social media mistakes and start sharing others content also.

Focusing On Quantity Instead Of Quality Content Which Adds Value To Your Audience

Instead of posting a huge quantity of content, try to post quality content which adds value to your audience. You may not have the time to create high-quality content to post many times a day on Facebook or Twitter.

You can focus on the quality of the posts rather than the quantity of post by reducing the number of post on each day.

Post your content on Facebook just one or two in a day will engage with your visitors in a much better way. It helps you to create quality content rather than quantity and create a connection between your user and content.

Not Targeting Segmented Visitors For Your Content

Target specific visitors relevant to your content. You need to focus and promote your content depending on visitors interest. People who liked your page may convert into customer easily as your content is interest based.

Try to limit your posts only to the relevant audience. Facebook might more likely show your posts than irrelevant posts from other brands.

Ignoring Most Engaged Posts

Focus on your most performing posts to have a better conversion rate. The engagement rate on your Facebook posts gives you an idea of how your post is performing. You can then boost your most engaging post.

Even, you can also use this approach with Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Twitter Analytics also provides you with the engagement rate of your individual tweets. You can create a more engaging and creative piece that generates great reach and engagement.

Not Uploading Relevant Videos Onto Social Networks

Videos are a great way to interact with your audiences. You will receive more engagement and shares when you upload videos on Facebook. Facebook native videos had on average of more than 400% higher share rate compared to YouTube videos.

Sharing videos on Facebook or other social networks as YouTube links will reach fewer people. However, when you upload videos on Facebook, you are more likely to generate more reach and engagement.

Use Landscape Videos Instead Square Videos

Try to use Square videos which have higher average views and engagement instead of landscape videos.
Square videos and images are no longer cropped on Facebook and Twitter and generate higher average views and engagement.

Avoid Social Media Mistakes By Posting Content Regularly 

Post your content on a regular basis whether it is daily or weekly. When your visitors noticed that you haven’t posted in 2 months then how does it make them feel? Your visitors will think as you are not serious about your business.

Create engaging and unique content and schedule your post too. You can use PostPlanner or CoSchedule to schedule a post for at least once per day for the whole week. If you aren’t posting, then no one is finding your content on Facebook.

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Not Replying To Comments On Social Networks

Reply as much as you can with your audience query to build better engagement. When you respond to a social network, people are more likely to visit or use your products and services. You can use your preferred social monitoring and engagement tools to quickly respond to all messages.

Those are the top 9 social media mistakes we’ve committed and the lessons we’ve learned. I hope you find them useful while planning your social media strategy.
Do you notice anything we could do better on social media? We’ll be so grateful if you could let us know in the comments section below.

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Published on: July 10, 2017

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