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7 Awesome Link Building Tactics For SEO To Rank Higher

After some brainstorming session, you have created an awesome post but you have hardly any visitors. Does this happen to you too? That because your post is not even in the top 50 pages of search engines like Google and Bing. So, do you want to rank higher and generate massive traffic? Well to do so, link building tactics help you to rank higher as it is one of the key aspects of SEO and Google look for quality backlinks.

Using link building tactics, you will get quality links from high authority and relevant sites. You must focus on quality links instead of quantity which plays a significant role in higher search engine ranking.

If you have inbound links from awesome websites and blogs, the value of your site’s page rank will improve significantly. Link Building lets your blog visible in search results and rewarded with visitors from other linked sites.

Your site will be pointed by high authority site and also helps in getting indexed by search bots much quicker.

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7 Awesome Link Building Tactics For SEO To Rank Higher

  • Guest Posting For Link Building

One of the best link building tactics is via guest posting. Guest posting is very useful and you can also become a paid author too and share your knowledge with the world. Discover blogs that allow guest posts and offer your writing services.

Guest posting helps you to build links and so your site ranking will improve if you have more backlinks. You can share your knowledge and skills with people on a bigger platform. You will become popular if your article catches the eyes of big fish of the web.

  • Reviews Writing

Reviews are actually demonstrating any products or services regarding its pros and cons to the end users. With the help of review, you let the end users know whether you will be benefitted out of it or not.

Writing reviews is a very tedious process, but it helps you to get backlinks. Before reviewing, make sure you are unbiased and list down every possible pros and con of the product you review.

  • Commenting On Other Blogs

One of the easy and SEO friendly way to link building is commenting on other relevant blogs. Building backlinks are your high priority whenever possible to help and maintain your site rank.

Since search engines like Google always provide users with the best websites for any searched items. Blog commenting helps to know which websites provide the most value to real people.

Whenever visitors gain value from any site, they most likely like or share it on social networks. In addition, they may link back to that site through their own blog.

Websites with more links are naturally higher quality and more valuable than websites with fewer links. A blog comment on a website with more authority is worth a lot more than a low authority site. Blog commenting is really a great way to get backlinks quickly and easily.

Whenever you post a comment with anchor text link on a high traffic blog, visitors may click the link in your comment to visit your website. Blog commenting helps you to get targeted traffic and backlinks.

  • Giveaways & Competition

Giveaways & competition are very few tactics which can help in your link building process. Running giveaways and competition online can attract links from authoritative sites and a variety of domains.

You can also collect data like email address and send them emails again in the future. Furthermore, it also helps you build brand awareness and increase online presence.

The more people hear about your competition and giveaways, the more people will link back to your site. You may see a good conversion rate when visitors attracted to your competition page.

  • Forum Posting

Relevant forums discussion having contextual value will help you build links. But make sure that you don’t put links much and avoid keyword stuffing.

SEO has a great role to play and off page SEO like forum discussion lets you get lots of traffic. Forum posting helps you to acquire the contribution and involvement of a large section of the population.

Forums are a good way of presenting your opinions and let you build the reputation of your site. Forums are communities with a large number of members and have a common interest to the entire group.

You can easily increase the link building process by forum posts and comments which also help you to promote your site.

Furthermore, it can help you achieve higher traffic rates as people are likely to visit your website more and go through your offers, products, and services.

  • Directories Submission

Blog directory submission is the process of listing your site to various relevant directory sites for building links. Be sure to submit your site to the most appropriate category to take the full advantage of blog directory submission.

Having a safe and natural link building profile is even more essential to avoid penalized by Google. Most of these blog directories are free to enroll and make your blog visible.

These sites are spam free and are a potential source of building SEO friendly backlinks. Some blog directories also provide do-follow backlinks.

Blog directories display your site info for every related search query on their database. Your site will more likely to get noticed by audiences that would otherwise have no idea on your blog.

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  • Competitors Backlinks

You can keep an eye on your competitor’s backlinks using SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz to build backlinks and grow your search traffic. If you have similar content then you can reach out to the linking site and ask them to consider your link too.

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Discover sites which are linking to more than one competitor and try to get a link from that site too. You can further look for content sharing sites like, that regularly link to your competitors.

There are many other strategies that people follow, but if you have a niche site, it is always advised to make a proper plan for link building.

Do let us know: Which strategy do you follow for link building, and what are the other benefits of link building you can think of?

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Published on: August 16, 2017

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