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5 Social Media Marketing Plan To Drive Traffic Insanely

Are you wondering how a well-executed social media marketing plan lets you drive traffic insanely to your blog and website? Don’t worry! When I started my blog there was hardly any traffic. After implementing a social media marketing plan and a little bit of tweak I manage to drive a great number of visitors to my blog.

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You may find many other ways to increase your blog traffic. However, using social media marketing tools and other tricks also helps you to boost engagement with your readers.

If you are serious about your content marketing strategies, then you need to follow a social media marketing plan. It allows you to drive more traffic and eventually more leads and sales.

You need to make sure that people recall your brand immediately. One awesome way to get into the mind of your visitors is to share your content on social media multiple times.

Make sure your content doesn’t look like spam and so you need to build a strategic social media marketing plan. People who are doing this are able to generate high traffic. Needless to say that your content must be of high quality as well that must add value to your readers.

You also need to optimize your content for search engine friendly by using WordPress Plugins like Yoast SEO.

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Social Media Marketing Plan To Drive Traffic Insanely

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Let’s get into the social media marketing plan so that you can attract more visitors to your blog and site.

After publishing a new post, we immediately share it on social networks and don’t even track its performance. In fact, you need to promote it more than once at a different time. You can expect a certain number of clicks every time you share on your social networks.

Sharing content more than once will revive the post and people may react to it positively. Try to make your content visible as much as you can. However, that doesn’t mean you keep sharing for every hour and people may perceive it as a spam.

Don’t share the same content too much as people eventually ignore your post and may also unfollow you.

You need to plan your social media marketing activities properly to avoid ignorance from your targeted visitors. Imagine how you feel when you saw the same post multiple times. Same things happened to others as well and so you need to put your legs on your visitor’s shoes.

All I am trying to say is your content is for your readers and not for yourself. You need to optimize your content in such a way that visitors like it and also it must be search engine friendly.

Try to engage with your readers by giving them some value proposition instead of just shooting some points.

Create a Schedule For Sharing

Create a systematic social media marketing plan and stick to it. One way is to schedule your content sharing jobs on different social media networks. A schedule will allow you to maintain your content marketing on a specific day and time.

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You can share your content as soon as you publish it and on the same day after 3-4 hours. Share the same content on the Next day and stop your sharing activities for the week.

Give some space to your content to breath and again start sharing on the next week and next month for once only. Optionally, you can schedule the same content to be shared on a quarterly basis as well.

Add Different Message While Sharing the Same Content

Include different messages while sharing any content on social media and treat it as a different post. Normally people include post title, post link, and a few hashtags only. Apart from these, you can also add various messages so that your visitors find something new and valuable.

Suppose, you can ask a question in a message and your content has the solution when you’re sharing more than once. Furthermore, you can also include facts and figures relevant to your content.

Even you can share a quote as a message or any other way that may help you to engage with your readers.

Optimize Featured Images

Optimizing featured images is one of the crucial parts of your social media marketing plan. Post with images create more engagement with your followers and also attract new people. People generally like content that has a unique image and sends a visuals message relevant to your content.

You need to create images that stand out in the crowd and engage your product or story to your targeted audiences. It must be well-designed layouts and tells the story behind your content in a creative way.

Use Social Media Share Buttons

Use social media share buttons on your content properly so that your audience react to it instantly. You need to include mobile-friendly social media share buttons so that it won’t distract your readers. It can be done by using WordPress social media plugins that help you to promote your content virally.

Track and Analyze Social Share Activity

It is very crucial to track and analyze whether your social media marketing plan is working or not. Make sure you keep an eye on your schedule if there is an increase in post activity. Whether your post is receiving more clicks or people are sharing your content more.

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If you are overdoing, then your followers may simply ignore the contents. A little bit of tweak here and there to your schedule and adjusting the time of sharing may help you to gain more traffic.

Try to analyze every move you make and anything goes wrong in the midway just change the lane. Try to follow and implement the above 5 social media marketing plan and I am sure you won’t regret it.

All you need is patience and make a unique piece and finally, share it on your social networks. Don’t forget to engage with your readers as they help you to achieve what you desire for.

I hope this post adds value to your social media marketing strategies. If you want to express your views and suggestion, then comment below.

Finally, if you like this post, then kindly share it on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Published on: Feb 8, 2018

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  1. Hey Ratan

    Really nice post. Social media is the best alternative to organic traffic. I was watching the interview of Jhon Chow and he was saying that his site got hit by Google Panda update and it was not showing on Search results at all
    At that time his social media following and email list helped him survive.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work

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