CDN Providers which will Speed Up Your Blog

5 Best CDN Providers which will Speed Up Your Blog

Do you know that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines ranked websites depending on load time and speed?

Speed and load time affect search engine ranking factor and so your earning. Your Blog visitor will be happier and you can manage more traffic as Content Delivery Network (CDN) will reduce the bounce rate.

If your websites are not loading faster enough then, believe me, you will have to fix it without wasting time. Don’t worry! CDN will rescue your blog from server downtime and your site can handle a lot more traffic.

Now you know that it helps you to load your site faster and why you should use it on your blog. In this post, I will make you aware of the best CDN Service Providers for your blog. You can now load your WordPress blog with lightning speed by integrating best CDN Services.

Below are the 5 best CDN providers which can actually speed up your WordPress blog.

MaxCDN) (StackPath)

MaxCDN is now StackPath with much bigger network and team to handle large database. Its content delivery network services have been using more than 16000+ to accelerate content delivery.

You can access your logs on a real-time basis through an API in the Control Panel. Even you can control how your content behaves on every MaxCDN edge server with EdgeRules. It lets you integrate users, zones, and other resources into your applications with REST API. 

MaxCDN’s custom or shared SSL options helps you to secure your traffic from the edge. You can get the support from a team of support engineers for 24/7.

Its servers are located in the best part of the world and have direct reach into over 90 countries. You can get a reliable service with high peering capacity to handle any given load around the world.

MaxCDN provides plans for every stage of your development starting from $9 per month.

Their “Entrepreneur Plan” includes monthly and annual packages up to 1TB for bloggers and small companies starting to grow their online presence with 24/7 technical support. The Plan is only $9/month

The “Professional Plan” includes monthly and annual packages up to 25TB for high-traffic websites and rapidly growing web services and cost you only $299/month.


KeyCDN is another high-performance, smarter and less expensive content delivery network (CDN). Its content delivery solution is very easy to use. You can avail different benefits include performance, scalability, security, and reliability for faster Website.

Your data will be stored in KeyCDN Edge Server around the globe and shorten the distance, which will help you to not only reduce latency but also minimize packet loss. All these factors will result in a much better performance of your WordPress blog.

You can be deployed security changes globally within minutes as it offers leading encryption standards which will make it easy for you to set up and configure security settings.

Your requests are automatically routed to the next available server if one server is not available. KeyCDN Servers are located worldwide and let your website or blog to load at lightning speed.

It also offers you powerful features and a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model too. Check out the Plans below:

Traffic / Month North America Europe Other Regions
First 10TB $0.04 / GB $0.04 / GB $0.04 / GB
Next 40TB $0.036 / GB $0.036 / GB $0.04 / GB
Next 100TB $0.032 / GB $0.032 / GB $0.04 / GB
Next 350TB $0.028 / GB $0.028 / GB $0.04 / GB
Next 500TB $0.02 / GB $0.02 / GB $0.04 / GB
Next 2PB $0.01 / GB $0.01 / GB $0.04 / GB
Over 3PB Contact KeyCDN


Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet. It’s CDN server keep your content close to your blog’s visitor and improve the performance of your website and reduce the load on your web servers.

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Cloudflare lets you automatically optimize everything from mobile image optimization to aggressive GZIP and HTTP/2.

It is one of the fastest managed DNS providers in the world. With a few clicks, you can easily and quickly issue new certificates, securely generate private keys and more.

Cloudflare CDN is powered by AMP technology and activates AMP-enabled links across your entire website which makes your site to load 3-5x faster than normal mobile pages.

Features of CloudFlare CDN

It’s security services operate to identify and mitigate threats faster than on-premise solutions. CloudFlare’s DDoS protection network has 20 times more capacity than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded.

It automatically blocks a website if a new threat is identified from the other 6 million websites on the network.

CloudFlare makes it easy for you to configure SSL as HTTPS is a must for modern websites. You don’t need to worry about installation issues, expiring certificates, or optimizing your SSL settings.

Your domain will be safe and secure under Cloudflare from domain hijacking. Even you can monitor threats and search engine crawlers also apart from visitors analytics.

More than 6 million websites are up and running through Cloudflare DNS to make sure their website is online and always available worldwide. The same 105 data center network that powers Cloudflare’s CDN dramatically speeds up domain resolution for your website’s visitors. 

You can explore Cloudflare for free if you have personal websites & blogs. For professional websites, blogs, and portfolios requiring basic security and performance you can get the Pro Plan which you can get it at $20/month per domain.

Moreover, you can also subscribe to Business Plans for small eCommerce websites and businesses requiring advanced security and performance, PCI compliance, and prioritized support.

CloudFlare makes more than 6,000,000 Internet properties faster and safer. Join today!


CDN77 started with 3 POPs and 5 people in a small office and now the number grew to 32 POPs over the years. Its content delivery network serves more than 500 million requests now.

It provides you Skype support in real time and you won’t have to wait in case of an emergency. There are in-house engineers waiting for the chat and ready to help you immediately. You can run a small site, e-commerce, music videos or distribute software using CDN77 solutions.

You’ll be able to integrate your website or blog on CDN77 network in only 3 minutes as it is easy and user-friendly. It also supports all major CMS software.

In addition, more than 38700 websites are powered by CDN77 with 33 data centers across the globe.

CDN77 do not charge for HTTP/HTTPS requests as well as data transferred between your origin and it’s cache servers. Check out its pricing plan which is Pay As You Go and is very flexible.

CDN77 Plan – Pay As You Go
Traffic USA & EU
incl. Canada
Asia & Australia
incl. Turkey
South America
incl. Brazil
under 20TB $0.049 / GB $0.125 / GB $0.185 / GB
21 – 60TB $0.045 / GB $0.120 / GB $0.160 / GB
61 – 500TB $0.029 / GB $0.110 / GB $0.145 / GB



Imperva INCAPSULA is a leading provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the cloud and on-premises. Furthermore, it protects your website and critical data and applications from cyber attacks and internal threats.

Incapsula protects cloud applications, websites, files, SharePoint systems, critical databases, and Big Data repositories from cyber attacks, theft, and fraud.

It provides you visibility into data access and uses sophisticated client classification and user tracking that can detect unauthorized users and malicious Web bots. Incapsula can help you to find your assets and risks to protect your information which complies with regulations.

Do you know that cyber attacks have increased five-fold since 2009?
Imperva Incapsula is fast to deploy with multiple deployment options, easy to manage and keep up with cyber attacks.

It’s content delivery network solutions provide you full website security and acceleration in just $59 per site per month. If you have a small business then you need only $299 for a site per month.

Have you decided which CDN service you will use for your blog?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) services have changed the whole world and shrink it one step further. Using one of the above reliable CDN Service Provider makes your blog load real fast.

So, which CDN service you are going to use on your blog?

Please share your views if you are already using a CDN service by leaving a comment below. If you want to know more about CDN services than asking me in the comment section.

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Published on: June 1, 2017


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