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3 Killer HubSpot Inbound Marketing Tools To Improve Your Business

Do you want to close more deals working less? Then you have come to the right place. You can do so by using HubSpot inbound marketing tools that let you boost your sales and marketing activities of your business at every stage.

You may aware of how crucial is to optimize your website’s performance to increase targeted traffic and eventually improve the conversion rate. HubSpot inbound marketing tools greatly improve your sales and generating leads that convert into loyal customers. 

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3 Killer HubSpot Inbound Marketing Tools Can Improve Your Business

By using the below marketing tools from HubSpot, you can easily achieve what’s your sales and marketing goal for your business.  

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HubSpot inbound marketing tool CRM lets you organize and track your leads and customers without paying a single penny. Yes, it is absolutely free for lifetime. You can add up to 1 million contacts details to boost your sales and marketing activities. 

HubSpot CRM is one of the sales tools that help you to enhance the productivity level of your sales team and lets you skyrocket selling figure.

You get an updated view of your sales activity on an interactive dashboard. It allows you to sort data on closed or lost any deals, scheduled appointments, and track performance on each act.

Furthermore, you can easily filter by name, amount, or any other parameters that may help you take a decision.

You can track your customer interactions in an email, social networks or on phone. All you need is to sync with Gmail or Outlook using HubSpot sales and keep an eye on your customer’s interaction as it happens.

Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub is one of the HubSpot marketing tools that let you build and modify the better websites. By using Marketing Hub, your website becomes responsive to any device and your site’s visitors also enjoy surfing.

You can easily drag and drop to enhance your web pages, posts, landing pages, and more. It helps you publish relevant contents to the right visitors and influencers.

You can optimize content in a much better way so that it may visible in searches by using real-time SEO suggestions. Furthermore, it allows you to post on social media at the most optimal time and eventually increase the site’s traffic.

You can design calls-to-action that lets your visitors click. Moreover, you can customize messages based on demographic factors like location, device, age, and more.

By using HubSpot marketing tools you can easily convert your visitors into customers by launching professional landing pages. You can also attach a contact form and run A/B tests and increase conversion rate as well. 

You can send a series of an automated email campaign that provides information to your prospective customers to become paying customers.

Sales Hub

Using Sales Hub, you’ll get a notification when a prospects open your email. You can track every interaction and organize data in a much better way. It lets you know who is actually interested in your products or services.

Furthermore, you can keep track of your visitor’s activities on your website like which pages they visited most and what they search for.

Sales Hub lets you draft a sequence of emails and reminders so that you can follow-up as soon as your visitors interact. It may happen when visitors open an email, click on a link, or hit call-to-action button.

Moreover, you can connect with your prospective customers through live chat and book appointment in real time.

You can easily set up and manage a pipeline that lets you sell without any sales consultants. It allows you to track sales activities and performance for your sales team. Furthermore, you can create new deals, rotate leads, or create and assign new tasks.

Although there may be other inbound marketing tools available that I will write about and cover them soon. You can express your views and suggestion regarding HubSpot inbound marketing tools in the comment section.

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Published On: Jan 20, 2018

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